Types of Pearls

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Pearls offer a classic and elegant look to any outfit, making it a popular choice for many jewelry lovers. But deciding between the four major types of cultured pearls can be a daunting task. Here are some important pieces of information to keep in mind before purchasing your very own pearl jewelry piece. Freshwater pearls are the… Read More

Contemporary Engagement Ring Trends

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Engagement ring styles continuously go in and out of style. What’s popular one year might disappear the next. Here are 8 engagement ring trends that we’ve noticed are becoming increasingly popular. Floral accents combine the traditional gift of romance with the ultimate symbol of love while offering charm and elegance to the ring. Elaborate side views create a… Read More

Black Onyx: The Gemstone of Determination

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A favorite among the black gemstones, black onyx is both a fashionable and affordable option for many jewelry lovers. Much like a black dress, black onyx jewelry is considered a fashion essential. Its color and smooth, waxy luster make this gemstone very unique and desirable. Here are some interesting facts about black onyx:  Even though… Read More

7 Most Iconic Engagement Rings

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Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring: This stunning engagement ring features an oval-shaped blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of tiny solitaire diamonds on a white gold band.  Jackie Kennedy’s Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring: This iconic engagement ring featured a tapered baguette 2.84 carat emerald beside a 2.88 carat diamond with… Read More

A Look into the History of Women’s Jewelry

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In honor of our upcoming Ladies Day on Saturday, we decided to create a timeline highlighting some of the changes in women’s jewelry that have occurred throughout time. Enjoy! Prehistoric Times: Jewelry was made from bone, teeth, berries, and stones that were hung on pieces of string or animal tendons. 2000 BC: Gold is the… Read More

The Latest Fine Jewelry Fashion Trend: Two Stone Rings?

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Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of news buzzing around about an up and coming jewelry category: two stone rings. A two stone ring is exactly what it sounds like, a ring which features two center gemstones. We constantly see ladies donning traditional one stone rings, but what about multiple stones? Well, we already know… Read More