Moissanite vs. Diamond

By Emily on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 in Informational, Moissanite. No Comments

For those looking for a more affordable alternative to a diamond, moissanite is an excellent option. Here’s everything you need to know about this gemstone and how it compares to a diamond. Moissanite, or silicon carbide, is a very rare mineral that comes from space in the form of meteorites. The gem is named after… Read More

Our Social Responsibility Mission

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We believe that every company, large or small, should conduct their business in the most socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible manner possible. That’s why at Kloiber Jewelers, we make sure all of our jewelry is created in an ethical, sustainable way. This means that we only work with suppliers who: Use 100% recycled materials in… Read More

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

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When you think of a fine jewelry staple, chances are diamond tennis bracelets are one of the first items that come to mind. Sometimes referred to as diamond line bracelets, tennis bracelets feature a row of diamonds connected by precious metal. They’re stylish, sophisticated, timeless, and versatile. They can be worn with jeans or with… Read More

Name Necklaces

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Your name identifies you. It signifies everything you represent, all your unique quirks, your personality, all of the things that make you who you are. It’s no wonder why we’ve been getting more requests for name necklaces lately. We’ve seen individuals come to in to purchase these fashionable jewelry pieces for loved ones and for… Read More