Kloiber Jewelers’ Custom Engagement Rings

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Today’s couples want unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings that speak to their personalities. For many, the idea of custom designed engagement rings means that they can create a piece of fine jewelry that appeals to their own personal tastes and desires. This means selecting the type of precious metal they envision for their engagement ring, what gemstone(s) they’d like to have, the quality… Read More

Commonly Asked Questions: Jewelry Appraisals

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Why should I have my jewelry appraised? Most insurance companies won’t insure your jewelry without a well-documented appraisal, so having your jewelry appraised is a must if you own any valuable pieces.  The other reason why you might need a jewelry appraisal is for estate purposes. For more information about these two types of appraisals, visit this… Read More

Wisconsin’s Pearl Rush

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Imagine that you’re living in south-central Wisconsin during the late 1800’s. You make $10 a week and have to spend most of that money on food and shelter. Suddenly you read a story in the town newspaper about a local resident who found a pearl in Sugar River and sold it for $100. Later you… Read More

Commonly Asked Questions: Sapphires

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Where are sapphires found? Some of the most well-known locations for fine quality sapphires include Kashmir, Myanmar, Thailand, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. In the United States, sapphires can be found in Montana. Where does a sapphire’s blue color come from? Sapphires belong to the mineral variety of corundum, which is naturally a colorless mineral. A sapphire’s blue color… Read More