The Benefits of Shopping at Small Businesses

Posted on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 in Informational, Milwaukee, Uncategorized.

As an independent retailer, we admit that we are definitely a bit biased on this subject. However, we know that sometimes the benefits of shopping at a locally owned small business can be overlooked, especially when comparing prices. That is why we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to listing some of the reasons why we love shopping at small, independently owned businesses (and not just our own).

A greater variety of products. More than likely, you’ll be able to find a greater selection of one-of-a-kind products when you shop at an independent retailer. Whereas chain retailers often have larger quantities of a few products, independent retailers often have a wider array of products from which customers can choose. This variety of products affords customers greater freedom in deciding which items they would like to purchase. Independent retailers understand that every person is unique, which is why they tend to carry one-of-a-kind products to ensure everyone finds something particular to them.

A more personalized approach to customer service. Typically, independent retailers have smaller staffs, so customers are often able to build stronger relationships. Small businesses are run by individuals who are personally invested in their business. Because of this, they often provide customers with a more individualized type of customer care than what is provided at chain stores.

A less stressful atmosphere. Whereas chain stores are more likely to focus on the bottom line, small businesses are more likely to build a relationship with the customer. They care about getting to know you personally so that they will be able to better assist you. They won’t pressure you into buying something that you’ll ultimately never wear or use.

A greater access to items currently out of stock. Since independent retailers often have a greater personal investment in their business, they are more likely to contact vendors immediately  when a customer requests to see a particular out of stock item. Faster service can be extremely important when there’s a special occasion quickly approaching.

A stronger community investment. Because independent retailers are located within specific communities, these retailers provide opportunities for local economic growth. In addition to that, independent retailers are more likely than bigger chains to create partnerships with local organizations that work to improve the community.

While we know that the benefits listed above cannot be applied to every small business or retail chain, there are countless times when we see these points ringing true. Time after time, we experience a type of service at small businesses that is incomparable to any other type of business. Don’t believe us? Go to a small, independently owned business today and see for yourself.



*Special thanks to Jenna Lieungh for her contribution to this article