2023 Jewelry Trends

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 in Uncategorized.

cuff bracelet

What better time to freshen up your jewelry collection than the beginning of a new year. The fashion trends predicted for this year include a classic fine jewelry staple and some eye-catching statement pieces.

These are the top jewelry trends for 2023.

  • Pearl Jewelry. Pearls are definitely making a comeback. We’re seeing classic pearl strands being layered with other necklaces and unique pearl earrings adorning the ears of some of fashion’s biggest stars. In recent years, jewelry designers have been getting really creative with incorporating pearls into unique, jaw-dropping designs, and we’re noticing an increase in interest toward these pieces today. Shop our collection of pearl jewelry.

yellow gold akoya pearl and diamond pendant

  • Cocktail Rings. In 2023, bigger is definitely better. Many women are looking to make a statement by wearing an extravagant ring on their finger. Cocktail rings are typically set with a large colored gemstone in the center. They can also contain diamonds and usually feature a unique, one-of-a-kind design. These rings are considered a symbol of female independence and are typically worn on the right hand. Shop our collection of cocktail rings.

white gold blue topaz and diamond ring

  • Dangle Earrings. We’ve seen a lot of A-listers wear stunning dangle earrings on red carpets recently. Dangle earrings are long in length and hang below the earlobe. They provide the benefit of making one’s face appear elongated and can be worn with both fancy and casual outfits.  Shop our collection of dangle earrings. 

diamond dangle earrings

  • Cuff Bracelets. In previous years, stacking multiple bracelets on one’s wrist was the trendy thing to do. Now, it’s all about showcasing one significant bracelet. Cuff bracelets make the biggest statement, as these bracelets tend to be wider in size and feature more elaborate designs than other more traditional bracelets. Cuff bracelets are open in the back, which makes them very easy to put on and take off. Shop our collection of cuff bracelets. 

yellow gold diamond flexible cuff bracelet

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