yellow gold oval amethyst dangle earrings

Amethyst Dangle Earrings

yellow gold emerald and diamond halo pendant

Emerald and Diamond Pendant

yellow gold ruby and diamond earrings

Ruby and Diamond Swirl Earrings

two tone gold pearl and diamond drop earrings

Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings

yellow gold diamond dangle huggie earrings

Diamond Dangle Earrings

yellow gold pear shape emerald and diamond shadow pendant

Emerald and Diamond Shadow Necklace

yellow gold diamond solitaire necklace

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

yellow gold chain

Gold Chain

yellow gold diamond line dangle earrings

Diamond Line Earrings

yellow gold ruby and diamond band

Ruby and Diamond Ring

yellow gold emerald and diamond band

Emerald and Diamond Ring

yellow gold ruby and diamond pendant

Oval Ruby Pendant

yellow gold black onyx diamond band

Onyx Diamond Band

yellow gold diamond swirl pendant

Diamond Swirl Pendant

yellow gold pearl and diamond pendant

Contemporary Pearl Pendant

yellow gold 8mm akoya pearl studs

8mm Pearl Studs

yellow gold amethyst and diamond pendant

Oval Amethyst Necklace

yellow gold bezel set diamond band

Bezel Set Diamond Band

yellow gold paperclip necklace

Open Link Necklace

yellow gold bracelet

Paperclip Link Bracelet

yellow gold onyx dangle earrings

Onyx Dangle Earrings

square yellow gold hoop earrings

Square Gold Hoops

yellow gold onyx earrings

Onyx Mariner Earrings

yellow gold black onyx bar necklace

Black Onyx Bar Necklace


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