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yellow gold diamond vertical bar necklace

Vertical Diamond Bar Necklace

close up view of sterling silver single diamond circle pendant

Open Circle Diamond Pendant

white sapphire heart pendant sterling silver

White Sapphire Heart Pendant

indiri sterling silver circle necklace

Bali Twisted Circle Necklace

sterling silver sapphire pendant

Sterling Silver Open Loop Pendant

sterling silver blue topaz pendant

Blue Topaz Open Loop Pendant

white sapphire sterling silver necklace

Curved White Sapphire Pendant

white gold blue topaz and diamond pendant

Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant

green tourmaline and diamond pendant

Green Tourmaline Pendant

white gold black onyx pendant

Black Onyx Pendant

yellow gold diamond swirl pendant

Open Loop Diamond Pendant

two tone gold ammolite and diamond pendant

Ammolite and Diamond Pendant

black diamond station necklace

Black Diamond Station Necklace

white gold citrine pendant

Citrine Pendant

white gold amethyst and diamond pendant

Amethyst Pendant

white gold opal and diamond pendant

Opal and Diamond Pendant

yellow gold leaf necklace with 3 time inspired discs hanging from the chain

Time After Time Necklace

contemporary pearl pendant in yellow gold setting

Open Loop Pearl Pendant

contemporary emerald and diamond pendant in yellow gold setting

Contemporary Emerald and Diamond Pendant

yellow gold station necklace

Yellow Gold Station Necklace

sterling silver smoky quartz necklace

Smoky Quartz Station Necklace

sterling silver necklace

Sterling Silver Necklace

94 total jewelry items found.