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white gold diamond station necklace

Diamond Station Necklace

yellow gold Sycamore Fossil Pendant with diamonds and tourmaline

Sycamore Fossil Pendant

aquamarine and diamond pendant

Aqumarine Pendant

white gold pink tourmaline and diamond pendant

Pink Tourmaline Necklace

white gold emerald and diamond pendant

Emerald Pendant

blue zircon pendant

Blue Zircon Pendant

white gold pink zircon and diamond pendant

Pink Zircon Pendant

white gold diamond cluster pendant

Diamond Flower Necklace

chalcedony and rose quartz diamond pendant

Blue Chalcedony and Rose Quartz Pin/Pendant

white gold garnet pendant with diamond bail

Garnet Pendant

white gold smoky quartz and diamond pendant

Smoky Quartz Pendant

rose gold diamond initial pendant

Initial Charm Pendant – Letter “A”

white gold pear shape tanzanite and diamond drop pendant

Tanzanite Pendant

white gold diamond initial

White Gold Initial Pendant

white gold garnet heart pendant

Garnet Heart Pendant

triangular citrine and diamond halo pendant in white gold setting

Triangle Citrine Necklace

yellow gold diamond leaf necklace

Diamond Leaf Pendant

white gold diamond leaf pendant

Diamond Leaf Pendant

ruby and diamond pendant

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

white gold blue topaz and diamond drop pendant

Blue Topaz Pendant

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