Jewelry Trends for Fall 2023

Posted on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023 in Fashion Trends.

gold hoop earrings

Based on runway trends and recent purchases, these are the top five fall jewelry trends for 2023.

yellow gold pearl dangle earrings pearl necklace

diamond heart pendant sterling silver heart bracelet

  • Colored gemstone pendants and earrings. Sapphire and emeralds have been two of our most popular colored gemstones this fall season, but with so many different gemstones available, it’s not hard to find a pendant or earring you’ll absolutely love. Shop our collection of colored gemstone jewelry.

white gold sapphire and diamond drop pendant yellow gold emerald and diamond band

  • Gold hoop earrings. You can’t go wrong with warm-color jewelry in the fall. Yellow gold hoop earrings are one jewelry item that perfectly complements sweaters and warmer outfits. Shop our collection of gold hoop earrings. 

large yellow gold hoop earrings small yellow gold hoop earrings

  • Chains. No fall outfit is complete without a necklace chain. Depending on your outfit for the day, you could wear either a bulky or delicate chain. You can also wear a single chain or feature multiple chains for a layered look. Shop our collection of chains.

sterling silver necklace chain yellow gold paperclip necklace