2021 Jewelry Trends

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 in Fashion Trends.

yellow gold hoops

Based on what we’ve seen in our store the last few months and what we’ve been reading in fashion magazines, these are the top four jewelry trends for 2021.

Pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry has once again come into the spotlight, as we’re seeing pop icons, famous politicians, and runway models all recently donning this classic jewelry staple. With a variety of fashionable designs to choose from, it’s hard not to love pearls.

Necklace Chains. From more delicate styles to chunky chains, necklace chains continue to dominate 2021’s fashion world. Length-wise, both long and short necklaces are trending this year so it doesn’t matter if you prefer chokers or bold, long necklaces. You’ll always be fashionable when wearing your favorite necklace chain.

Yellow Gold. White-colored metals have dominated the jewelry world for the past few decades, so it’s no surprise that we’re beginning to see a change occur. Yellow gold jewelry embodies warmth and sophistication while also being one of the most low-maintenance precious metals you can own.

Hoop Earrings. Whether large or small, hoop earrings are one of the year’s most sought-after jewelry pieces, especially in yellow gold. These versatile earrings can be worn with either casual or formal outfits, making them appropriate for any occasion.