2020 Fall Fashion Trends

Posted on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 in Fashion Trends.

With autumn right around the corner, we’ll soon be switching out our summer shorts, dresses, and sandals for sweaters and boots. So what are the “it” pieces of jewelry that all the fashionistas will be wearing with this year’s fall outfits? Here are the top five fall fashion jewelry trends for 2020.

  • Gold Chokers: A must-have jewelry accessory, chokers have been very popular in recent years. This style of necklace can be worn with both fancy and casual outfits, making it a go-to accessory for any occasion. Most recently, yellow gold chokers have taken the spotlight, and with all the warm colors associated with fall, we’re not too surprised that this fashion trend will be front and center as we head into the new season.
yellow gold necklace

Yellow Gold Choker Necklace

  • Pearls: A-listers are proving that pearl jewelry is far from outdated. We’ve been seeing an increasing number of celebrities sporting pearls recently and we have to say, we’re a fan! Classic pearl necklaces are being paired with both casual tees and dress wear. These strands are often shorter in length and feature medium sized pearls. More contemporary styled pearl earrings and rings have also been popular recently and commonly feature large or baroque-shaped pearls.
pearl and diamond ring

Pearl and Diamond Fashion Ring

  • Large Gemstones: Bigger is better when it comes to gemstone jewelry this autumn season. A trend we’ve noticed both in our store and on the latest runways, large gems allow one to easily admire the beauty of the gemstone while also adding visual appeal to any outfit. These gems can be set in either simplistic or complex mountings to create one-of-a-kind statement jewelry pieces.
sterling silver large turquoise ring

Turquoise Ring

  • Chunky Chains: One theme of fall 2020’s fashion trends is bold jewelry. In addition to large gemstone statement pieces, we’re also seeing thicker chains grow in popularity. This is one jewelry trend that could be seen on pretty much every recent runway show. Most women wear these large, chunky chains as either bracelets or necklaces. We’ve even seen some models wear them as earrings (something we don’t typically recommend… especially when they’re made from heavy, precious metals).
large sterling silver necklace chain

Sterling Silver Chain

  • Long Necklaces: Fall 2020’s jewelry fashion trends highlight necklace lengths at both ends of the spectrum, allowing you to be fashionable no matter what top you’re wearing. While we generally recommend avoiding chokers when wearing turtlenecks or crew neck sweaters, long necklaces can be worn with any type of top. And for those looking to maximize their fall jewelry, we suggest layering your gold choker with a long necklace to create a truly fashionable look.
long pearl station necklace sterling silver

Long Pearl Station Necklace

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