Wedding Band Trends for 2023

Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 in Wedding Bands.

It’s almost wedding season, which means we’ve been seeing a lot of couples come in to our store to pick out their wedding bands. Shopping for wedding bands is an exciting occasion, but with thousands of different styles to choose from, selecting the right ring can seem a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the top wedding ring trends for 2023.

Yellow gold has been trending in engagement rings the past few years, so it’s no surprise to see the warm colored metal also becoming more prevalent in today’s wedding bands. Some couples choose a simple gold wedding band while others like to add a little sparkle to their wedding band by including diamonds.

mens yellow gold wedding bandyellow gold diamond eternity wedding band

Diamond distance bands are rings that contain diamonds that are spaced out throughout the band. These allows each diamond to stand out and shine on its own. Diamond distance bands can complement a variety of different style engagement rings but they also make excellent standalone rings as well.

mens diamond distance wedding bandDiamond distance wedding band

Contoured wedding bands are slightly curved. This allows them to fit right up against an engagement ring that has a bulky head or lower-set center gemstone.

curved diamond wedding bandchevron diamond band

Matching wedding bands have been increasing in popularity recently. To select matching wedding rings, you just need to find two rings that complement each other, one for you and one for your future spouse. These rings could be composed of the same metal, feature a similar style, or incorporate the same type of gemstones.

mens diamond bandchannel set diamond band

Vintage wedding bands feature designs popular during the Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, and Art Deco time periods. These rings add a beautiful, unique touch to wedding bands.

vintage mens wedding bandvintage wedding band

Larger diamond bands are part of a trend we’ve been noticing for the past couple of years. Many brides-to-be want a wedding band with large diamonds, often times larger than the accent diamonds found in their engagement rings. These larger diamond bands offer exceptional sparkle and look especially flattering when paired with a solitaire engagement ring.

white gold large diamond bandyellow gold large diamond band

Diamond twist wedding bands feature an interwoven design. Some diamond twist bands have two curving rows of diamonds interwoven together while others have a plain, polished portion interwoven with diamonds. Perfect for wedding bands, diamond twist rings signify infinite love.

diamond twist wedding banddiamond twist band

If you’d like to come in to our store to look at and discuss all your wedding band options, feel free to schedule an appointment online. You can also view part of our diamond wedding band and men’s wedding band collection online as well.