The Custom Design Process

Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 in Guides, Informational, Uncategorized.

When most people think of custom jewelry, they think of jewelry created from scratch. Usually a jewelry designer works with the client and sketches a rough draft of the intended design. After the design has been finalized, the jewelry designer will usually create either a computer aided design (CAD) or a wax model that shows the jewelry piece from all angles. If needed, the client then requests any changes he or she would like and then ultimately approves the final design. The metalsmith then works on creating the finalized piece.

What many people fail to realize is that custom jewelry doesn’t have to be created from scratch. Custom jewelry is defined as any variation of an existing jewelry style. Special engravings, adding or removing gemstones, and altering the style of a jewelry piece all encompass custom design.

For instance, when designing custom engagement rings with our clients, we usually like to start by finding a general setting that our client likes. The client may prefer certain parts of different settings and may choose to incorporate these parts into the final design. We then give the client the option to change the color or type of metal depending on what he or she prefers. The next step is choosing the right gemstones that will fit the client’s budget and quality desires. The setting is then created to fit the intended receiver’s finger and finally, the gemstones are placed in the setting. After the ring is complete, some clients choose to engrave a special message in the ring. In the end, the client has a one-of-a-kind custom ring.

At Kloiber Jewelers, engagement rings comprise the majority of our custom work but we’ve also helped countless individuals redesign their old jewelry and transform their pieces into something new again. We’ll often utilize the gemstones found in the old jewelry pieces and place them into a new design. We’ve turned pendants into rings, rings into earrings, earrings into bracelets, and so on. Whatever you envision your jewelry to look like, custom design enables you to create exactly what you’re looking for.