Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 in Uncategorized.

yellow gold oval diamond engagement ring

This year, we expect to see some of 2021’s engagement ring trends continue into the New Year. But we’re also anticipating several new styles to take center stage as well. Here are the top engagement ring trends for 2022.

  • Elongated Diamonds. In 2021, we saw the emergence of oval diamonds. One of the most requested shapes for the featured center gemstone in last year’s engagement rings, oval diamonds are here to stay (at least for the next year or so). In addition to oval diamonds, we’ve also noticed an increase in interest in other elongated diamond shapes, like emerald cut, pear, and elongated cushion cuts. These elongated shapes can make the diamond appear larger than it is while also making one’s finger appear longer and slimmer.

yellow gold oval diamond engagement ring  white gold pear shape diamond engagement ring

  • Yellow Gold. Another 2021 engagement ring trend we expect to continue into the New Year is yellow gold. This warm colored metal contrasts nicely with both diamonds and colored gemstones. You can even sacrifice a bit on the color grade when selecting a diamond for a yellow gold setting, since you’ll be less likely to notice a yellow hint of color in a diamond set in a yellow gold setting than you would if that diamond were set in a white gold or platinum setting. Yellow gold also offers a classic, luxurious touch to engagement rings.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring  oval diamond halo engagement ring

  • Mixed Shape, Multi-Stone Engagement Rings. Perfect for individuals who can’t decide on a single diamond shape, two and three stone engagement rings allow couples the opportunity to feature more than one diamond shape. One of this year’s newest trends, toi et moi (meaning “you and me” in French) rings feature two gemstones set side-by-side that represent both partners. For those looking for even more gemstones set in their engagement rings, three stone rings are another in-demand style for 2022. These rings have been popular for quite some time, but recently we’ve been setting two different shaped gemstones (one shape in the center and a different shape on both sides of the center) in these rings. Some examples of three stone rings we’ve created include oval centers with pear-shape accents, emerald cut centers with baguette accents, and cushion cut centers with round accents.

white gold toi et moi diamond engagement ring  yellow gold three stone diamond engagement ring

  • Bezel Set. Metal completely surrounds the center gemstone in bezel set engagement rings. This type of setting offers more protection for your center gemstone than other engagement ring settings. Bezel set engagement rings also offer a sleek, contemporary look to one’s engagement ring.

yellow gold bezel set cushion cut diamond engagement ring  bezel set emerald diamond engagement ring

  • Simple Engagement Rings. A timeless classic, solitaire engagement rings never go out of style and will continue to be prominent in 2022’s engagement rings. These rings feature a single gemstone on a plain band. And for those looking for a simple ring with a little more sparkle, we recommend selecting an engagement ring with smaller diamond accents on the band, another style that will continue to be popular this year.

white gold diamond solitaire engagement ringwhite gold diamond accented engagement ring

  • Antique Inspired Engagement Rings. Exquisitely detailed, antique inspired engagement rings are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a unique, beautiful engagement ring. In particular, Art Deco engagement rings are expected to trend in 2022. These rings feature geometric patterns and can contain unique halos (the portion that surrounds the center gemstone) with different shaped/sized diamonds.

white gold vintage inspired engagement ring  yellow gold vintage inspired diamond engagement ring

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