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Worn as an accent to casual attire, anklets are both fun and chic. They come in a variety of different styles, making finding the perfect one an easy task. Here are some of our favorite anklets.

yellow gold heart anklet Anklet ANK233 – $215 (14K Yellow Gold)

sterling silver ankletAnklet QG2136 – $24 (Sterling Silver)

sterling silver infinity symbol anklet Anklet QG3563 – $30 (Sterling Silver)

yellow gold arrow anklet Anklet ANK275 – $275 (14K Yellow Gold)

sterling silver butterfly anklet Anklet SRA110 – $50 (Stainless Steel)

white gold beaded anklet Anklet ANK191 – $130 (14K White Gold)

tri color gold anklet Anklet LF1103 – $405 (14K Tri-Tone Gold)

sterling silver star anklet Anklet QG2786 – $60 (Sterling Silver)

white and yellow gold anklet Anklet ANK187 – $240 (14K Two-Tone Gold)


Want more anklet ideas? Contact us at or 414-276-2457 and we’d be happy to send you some more style options.