yellow gold emerald studs

Emerald Studs

white gold emerald and diamond ring

Emerald and Diamond Accented Ring


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May Birthstone Jewelry

The birthstone for May is emerald. The renowned green gemstone is one of the most valuable types of colored gemstones. It symbolizes rebirth and is believed to improve memory, increase eloquence, an [...]

Commonly Asked Questions: Emeralds

Where in the world do emeralds come from? One of the most noteworthy sources for this green precious gemstone is Columbia, which has produced some of the world’s finest emeralds for the last 500 ye [...]

11 Fascinating Emerald Facts

Emeralds are not only the designated birthstone for May, but also the recognized gemstone for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. Like aquamarine, emeralds are a member of the beryl group of mi [...]

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