Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Posted on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 in Hypoallergenic Jewelry, Precious Metals.

hypoallergenic platinum dangle earrings

If you’re one of the unlucky people allergic to sterling silver or white gold, you may have trouble finding other white-colored jewelry options. Most people with white gold or silver allergies are actually allergic to nickel, which is the metal commonly used in white gold and silver alloys.

It’s important to note that new allergies can develop overtime. So people who have never had any sensitivity when it came to precious metals can suddenly develop allergic reactions when wearing their favorite pieces.

So what are your options if you can no longer wear white gold or silver jewelry? Well one option is to switch to yellow gold jewelry. If you’d prefer to stick with white-colored jewelry instead, there are two metals we suggest. The first is platinum. We recommend this option to clients interested in more valuable jewelry pieces. Platinum’s durability, brightness, and high malleability (making it easier for jewelry designers to work with and create more intricate designs) are some of the top reasons why many people switch to this precious metal after developing a nickel allergy. The one downside to platinum is that it is one of the more expensive metals. For our clients preferring a more affordable option, we recommend Stainless Steel jewelry. Stainless Steel won’t have the same bright appearance that you’ll see in platinum and it’ll be more prone to scratches, but it’s a good option for those who want to purchase a variety of stylish jewelry for not much cost.

Jewelry allergic reactions can be triggered by rings, necklaces, and bracelets, but the one that seems to be the most problematic for those with nickel allergies is earrings. So for those of you looking for hypoallergenic earring options, here are just some of our favorite platinum and Stainless Steel earrings.

platinum pyramid studs Platinum Pyramid Studs – $255

platinum beaded drop earrings Platinum Beaded Drop Earrings – $610

platinum diamond cluster studs Platinum Diamond Cluster Earrings – $1,275

platinum pearl crescent moon earrings Platinum Crescent Moon Pearl Earrings – $355

stainless steel shepherd hook earringsStainless Steel Shepherd’s Hook Earrings – $45

stainless steel shepherd hook earringsStainless Steel Dangle Earrings – $45

stainless steel lightning bolt earringsStainless Steel Lightning Bolt Earrings – $20

staineless steel antique post earringsStainless Steel Antique Style Post Earrings – $25


While purchasing new jewelry is always fun, you still probably want to wear a few of your current jewelry pieces (especially if they’re really nice). Our goldsmith can remove any gemstones from your current jewelry and set them into similar hypoallergenic settings for you so that you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite pieces.

If you’re interested in purchasing hypoallergenic jewelry or would like to set your gemstones in a platinum or yellow gold setting, contact Kloiber Jewelers at 414-276-2457 or info@kloiberjewelers.com and we’d be happy to assist you.