10 Fascinating Aquamarine Facts

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 in Gemstones, Informational.

  1. The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words “aqua marina,” which mean “sea water.” This is a fitting name given the gemstone’s sea-like color.
  2. Aquamarine is said to bring hope, health, harmony, and happiness to its wearer.
  3. Most of the world’s supply of quality aquamarine can be found in Brazil, but some of the finest quality aquamarines in the United States can be found in Colorado. In fact, the state recognized aquamarine as their official gemstone in 1971.
  4. Like emeralds, aquamarine gemstones are a member of the beryl family. The presence of iron in aquamarines causes it to take on a turquoise-like color.


    Don Pedro Aquamarine

  5. Known as the gem of the sea, aquamarine was believed to keep sailors safe and guard against storms. Since the ancient Romans believed that aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, their god of the sea, Roman sailors would throw their aquamarine treasures into the water so that they would be protected against any potential dangers while at sea.
  6. Aquamarine is believed to reawaken love, kindle friendships and elevate the spirit.
  7. The world’s largest single piece of aquamarine to have been cut was found in Brazil in the 1980s. Soon after its discovery, the gemstone was accidentally dropped, causing it to break into three pieces. The largest of the three pieces became known as the Don Pedro. Initially weighing 60 pounds with a length of 2 feet, the gemstone was ultimately cut into an obelisk that currently stands 13.75 inches tall.
  8. In 1936 the Brazilian president gave Eleanor Roosevelt a 1,298 carat aquamarine. The gemstone now resides in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.
  9. Aquamarine is the designated gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.
  10. In Germany, thin aquamarine crystals were worn as eye glasses to correct shortsightedness.