Traveling with Jewelry: Good or Bad Idea?

Posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 in Guides.

people at beach

Warm weather and more vacation opportunities are two of the main reasons why summer is the most popular season to travel. Chances are that while you’re traveling, you’re going to want to be showing off your favorite jewelry pieces. But should you? According to Jewelers Mutual, the number of travelers reporting lost or stolen jewelry in the past four years has doubled (from 10% to 20%). When in new locations, it can be more challenging to keep track of all your jewelry, making your chances of accidentally misplacing them or having them stolen more likely. So what can you do if you absolutely cannot live without your jewelry while you’re on vacation?

  • Make sure to document the jewelry pieces you’re taking with you. If your jewelry is valuable enough to be insured, it’s a good idea to double check that your appraisal is up-to-date. You’re going to want to have accurate pictures and descriptions of all your jewelry pieces just in case you accidentally lose them while traveling. This will make it easier for a jeweler to replace or replicate any lost or stolen items. Plus, it will serve as proof of ownership in case any pieces are found later on.
  • Organize your jewelry in an efficient, protective way. We recommend packing your jewelry in separate plastic bags or a small storage box with dividers. When traveling with jewelry, you’re going to want to make sure your jewelry is protected at all times. This means keeping your pieces separate from other objects that can scratch the gemstones or metal. This will also ensure that your necklaces or bracelets don’t get tangled.
  • Always carry your jewelry with you on the plane and never lose sight of your pieces or bag. While the changes of the airline losing your luggage are small, you should always keep any valuable items with you just in case your checked bag does get misplaced.
  • When going to the beach or pool, leave your jewelry in a hotel room safe. Twenty-seven percent of all travel-related jewelry loses occur while at the beach. Cold water has been known to shrink fingers, making your ring more likely to fall off. Chlorine found in pools can also damage the prongs and metal of your jewelry piece. In addition, over-exposure to sunlight can also affect the color of certain gemstones. So for all these reasons and more, it’s a good idea to keep your jewelry locked up when soaking in the sun at the beach or pool.
  • If you’re in a dangerous area, you can avoid unwanted attention by tucking your necklace inside your shirt or turning your ring so that the band is the only part showing.

If you’re still nervous about traveling with your jewelry, it’s probably a good idea to just leave your pieces at home. Some people choose to wear less expensive pieces in place of their valuable jewelry, like engagement rings or wedding bands. A simple sterling silver or stainless steel band can temporarily take the place of your wedding band or engagement ring while you travel.