Push Present Ideas

Posted on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 in Gift Ideas.

birthstone necklace

She dealt with having a little bun in the oven for nine months and then went through the excruciating process of labor to push your newborn out into the world. So how to do you thank the woman who has just given you the greatest gift possible? Well, a gift of fine jewelry is a good start. There’s a reason why jewelry is the number one gift choice for mothers who have recently given birth. Jewelry’s lifelong value allows you to mark the birth of your child with a gift she’ll treasure for the rest of her life. Whether she keeps the jewelry forever or decides to pass it down to her daughter or son, she’ll always remember the thoughtful gift you surprised her with. Here are our top 5 push present gift ideas.

  • Birthstone necklace. What better way to commemorate the birth of your new bundle of joy than by incorporating the baby’s birthstone into a necklace. Know that your gift will always rest close to the mother’s heart.

ruby heart pendant white goldamethyst and diamond halo pendant

  • Gemstone band. We know that babies like to pull on necklaces, so if you’re looking for a more practical gift that she can wear all the time, we suggest going with a ring. Whether you select your baby’s birthstone for her ring or choose a band that nicely complements her other rings, she’ll be reminded of your gift every time she looks down at her hands.

white gold sapphire band     white gold diamond band

  • Personalized jewelry. If you want more kids but want to avoid selecting a new present every time she gives birth, consider selecting a piece of jewelry that you can add to every time a new child is born. Charm bracelets and family pendants are two great examples of personalized jewelry that you can keep adding to over time.

charm bracelet with baby shoe charmmothers necklace with multiple gemstones

  • Initial jewelry. Like birthstone jewelry, pieces that feature the initial of your baby can be a great way to commemorate his or her birth.

initial pendantinitial bracelet

  • Diamond jewelry. If you’re not a fan of your child’s birthstone, consider selecting a diamond piece instead. Nothing says thank you for bringing our baby into the world quite like a pair of diamond studs or tennis bracelet.

diamond studs martini setting          diamond tennis bracelet