13 Amazing Ammolite Facts

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 in Gemstones.

ammolite gemstone

  1. Ammolite is an iridescent, nacreous layer cut from the fossilized shells of a prehistoric creature, called ammonite. These squid-like creatures became extinct about 66 million years ago (the same time as dinosaurs) and had sharp jaws, a spiral shell, and tentacles. Ammonites were around before there were even seven continents. In fact, there were only two large landmasses, Gondwana and Laurasia, around when these creatures lived. ammonoid
  2. This gemstone can be found in any color, but green and red are two of the most prevalent. Like most colored gemstones, the intensity of the color is often the most important factor when accessing the value of an ammolite. Brightness also plays an important part as well.
  3. In order to become a gemstone, an ammolite has to be buried quickly, deprived of oxygen, protected from heat and excess weight, and cannot be scavenged.
  4. Even though ammolites been around for a long time, they are still relatively new in the jewelry world. In fact, ammolite is one of only three gemstones that have been classified as a true gem by the World Jewellery Confederation in the past 300 years. It wasn’t until the 1960s that ammolite first began appearing in jewelry. Since then, they are becoming more and more prevalent, but still remain to be a rare gem found in jewelry.
  5. The largest ammolite producer, Korite, claims that ammolite deposits will run out in 20 years.
  6. Ammolite can be found in various places around the world, but there’s only one location where gem quality ammolite has been discovered – Southern Alberta, Canada. Only about 5% of the ammonites found in this area are suitable for a gem-quality stone.
  7. Ammolite is made of aragonite, the same mineral that pearls are composed of.
  8. Blackfoot Native Americans referred to ammolite as the “buffalo stone.” According to lore, a woman found an ammolite gemstone and brought it back to her tribe. The Blackfoot tribe had experienced a very harsh winter that year and were facing starvation. Soon after the woman found the ammolite, herds of buffalo appeared on the plains, solving their food source problem. Ever since that day, the Blackfoot people have treasured the gemstone and respected its power.
  9. An ammolite’s iridescence comes from the interference of light that reflects off of layers of thin microscopic platelets that make up the replaced aragonite in the ammonite shell. The more layers, the more color you’ll see.
  10. Known as the gem of enlightenment, ammolite is believed to awaken positive energy.
  11. Ammolite is not sold by carat weight. Since the gem is typically combined with other gemstones for strength and overall thickness, it would be misleading to sell ammolite by its weight. Instead, an ammolite gemstone is valued by its size and play of color.
  12. Feng shui practitioners refer to ammolite as the “seven color prosperity stone.” They believe that all of the gem’s colors represent life’s balance. Each color is believed to be associated with certain benefits.
    • Red=love
    • Orange=creativity
    • Yellow=wealth
    • Green=wisdom
    • Blue=good health
    • Indigo=peace
    • Violet=growth and energy
  13. No two ammolite gemstones have the same color pattern.


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