Engagement Ring Trends Summer 2021

Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 in Engagement Rings.

Love is in the air! We feel so fortunate to have been a part of so many recent engagements. While meeting with couples and creating these special rings, we’ve noticed some patterns emerge. Here are the top engagement ring trends for Summer 2021.

Large Center Gemstone: These past few months have shown us that when it comes to the center gemstone, bigger is better. Perhaps due to the extra income received from stimulus checks, a lot of couples are choosing to feature a large gemstone in their engagement ring. In the past few years, the average size for a center diamond in an engagement ring has been around one carat. Now, couples are selecting a center diamond as large as two or three carats for their ring.

large emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Large Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Skinny Band: Thin bands are one of the top requests we receive when it comes to creating engagement rings. They can draw more attention to the center gemstone while also making the center gem appear larger. However, it’s important to note that the band shouldn’t be too thin where it’ll break easily. We usually recommend a width of around 1.7 to 2mm for those looking for an engagement ring that has a skinny band.

large oval diamond engagement ring

Oval Engagement Ring w/ Thin Diamond Band

Hidden Diamond Accents: Hidden diamond accents are smaller diamonds typically set on the head or just below the center diamond. They can be viewed when looking at the side of an engagement ring and not from the top-down. One of the most popular types of hidden diamond accents is a hidden diamond halo, which is a circle of diamonds resting under the center diamond. Hidden diamond accents add extra sparkle from a different angle without making the engagement ring seem over-the-top.

hidden halo diamond engagement ring

Hidden Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Unique Three Stone Engagement Rings: Three stone engagement rings have been popular for quite some time now, but recently we’ve been creating a lot of three stone rings with unique twists. For the two side stones, we’ve been incorporating less-traditional diamond shapes, like pear, marquise, and trapezoid.

three stone pear shape diamond accented engagement ring

Three Stone Pear Accented Engagement Ring

Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings: Designed to reflect the beauty of the natural world, nature-inspired engagement rings typically feature flowing designs that resemble branches, vines, flowers, or leaves. This design adds a feminine touch to the engagement ring.

nature inspired diamond engagement ring

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring


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