June Birthstone: Alexandrite

Posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 in Birthstones.

Alexandrite is one of three designated birthstones for the month of June. The other two June birthstones are pearl and moonstone. Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful color-changing gemstone.

  • Named after Alexander II, Czar of Russia, alexandrite was discovered on his birthday in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the early 1830’s. These first alexandrites displayed dramatic color change and remain to be the quality standard for all other alexandrite to this day.
  • A rare form of the gem chrysoberyl, alexandrite changes color in different lighting. In the daylight, it takes on a green color while in incandescent light, it displays a purple or red color. This is due to the complex way the gemstone absorbs light.

alexandrite color change

  • Alexandrite is formed when the element chromium combines with aluminum and beryllium under the exact right conditions.
  • Today’s sources for alexandrite include Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. Unfortunately, these sources often don’t contain as fine quality alexandrite as the first deposit discovered in Russia. Many of the alexandrite found at these newer sites have muddy hues and display a less-precise color change.
  • Not only is alexandrite one of the three birthstones for June, it’s also the recognized gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.
  • Rarer than diamonds, natural alexandrite is exceptionally challenging to find in fine jewelry, especially in larger carat weights. Most of the alexandrite you’ll see set in jewelry has been created in a lab.
  • The value of an alexandrite is based on its rarity, size, clarity, and quality of color change.
  • Alexandrite is believed to bring good luck to its wearer.

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