How-to Guide: Stacking Rings

Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 in Guides, Stacking Rings.

diamond stacking rings

Stacking rings are fun and fashion-forward. For those of you who aren’t familiar, stacking rings are pretty much any ring that can be worn next to another ring. Some individuals choose to stack multiple rings on only one finger, while others like to wear one or more rings on several different fingers. Whatever the case, stacking rings are perfect for ring lovers everywhere.

It’s common to add rings to one’s stacking ring collection over time. That’s why these rings are a perfect gift option for someone looking to commemorate special occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, or the birth of a new baby. They also make great “just because” purchases. After all, it’s always fun adding another stacking ring to your collection.

Here’s how you can build the perfect ring stack.

  1. Stack different styles. Wearing numerous rings of the same style can look monotonous. And with thousands of different styles to choose from, it’s not hard to find the perfect combination of rings to wear together. Pair a twisted band with a straight band, a gemstone ring with a plain band, or a contemporary band with an art deco one. Stacking rings come in all shapes, sizes, and widths. Try on different styles to get a better sense of which rings best complement others.
  2. Mix and match colors. Wearing different colored precious metals at the same time was once considered taboo. Now, it’s very common. Mixing different colored rings adds a beautiful contrast to your stacking look. Wear a white gold ring with a yellow or rose gold one to create a look you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.
  3. Don’t overdo it. While it may be tempting to stack a bunch of your favorite rings on one finger, we recommend limiting the number of stacking rings on a single finger to five unless you’re stacking several thin bands or have very long fingers. Wearing too many rings on the same finger can create an unappealing, disordered look. Similarly, if you want to wear your stacking rings on multiple fingers at the same time, we recommend leaving at least one finger (or thumb) bare and limiting the number of rings on each finger to one or two.
  4. Match your stacking rings to your outfit. It’s always a good idea to match your accessories to your outfit. If you’re wearing something more casual, we suggest stacking rings that are minimalist in design and aren’t too flashy. Leave your most extravagant rings for fancier occasions. And if you’re wearing a certain colored gemstone stacking ring, make sure that color complements that of your outfit.
  5. Consider midi stacking rings. Midi rings are rings you wear near the top of your finger, typically halfway between the two knuckles closest to your nail. Wearing a midi ring with one of more rings at the bottom of your finger allows you to create an appealing layered look without cluttering your finger.

diamond stacking rings

Now that you’ve read our guide, you should be ready to fashionably display all your favorite stacking rings! If you’d like to, you can view our current selection of stacking rings here.