Why Aren’t There More Female Self-Purchasers?

Posted on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 in Uncategorized.

women shopping for jewelry at a jewelry store in milwaukee

In today’s world, women are more financially independent than ever before. They have their own tastes and know exactly what they want, yet time after time are hesitant to make high end purchases for themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of female clients who regularly come into our store and purchase items for themselves, but we often find ourselves wondering, why aren’t there more? For every female self-purchaser we have, we usually see about five more males coming in to purchase jewelry for their loved ones.

I once read a statistic that said 85% of all consumer purchases are made by women. These women have no problem paying for groceries, healthcare, and mortgage payments, but when it comes to treating themselves to a luxury item, most women feel less inclined to indulge in this type of purchase. When they do decide to purchase fine jewelry, they’re usually buying it with the intent to gift it to a friend or loved one.

So why are women so willing to purchase fine jewelry items for others but less inclined to spend money on themselves? After all, most women work hard for their money. Whether they prefer to spend their hard earned paychecks on jewelry or another luxurious item, why shouldn’t they treat themselves every once in a while to something they’ll cherish for years to come? Men definitely don’t have any reservations when it comes to treating their loved ones to jewelry, so why shouldn’t women feel the desire to treat themselves as well?

So this is our call to action for women: Whether you’re wanting to commemorate a certain special occasion with a piece you’ll admire for a lifetime or just want to treat yourself to a shiny new accessory, don’t hesitate on purchasing that item simply because you really like it. After all, who knows your tastes better than yourself?