The Best Jewelry Worn During the 2016 Olympics

Posted on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 in Fashion Trends, Uncategorized.

From Olympic sprinters wearing gold chains around their necks to fiercely competitive swimmers wearing the most fashionable earrings, we’ve seen an abundance of jewelry worn in Rio over the last 12 days. While you may initially think it’s odd to see so many athletes wearing jewelry, after you consider the fact that they’re at the Olympics to win an oh-so-coveted gold medallion, it starts to make more sense. Here are some of our favorite jewelry pieces worn by athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

  1. The 10 karat yellow gold courage bracelet worn by Kerri Walsh Jennings.kerri walsh bracelet
  2. The diamond stud earrings worn by Simone Biles.simone biles diamond earrings
  3. The princess cut engagement ring and matching wedding band worn by Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.
    shelly ann fraser pryce diamond ring
  4. The heart necklace worn by April Ross.
    april ross heart pendant
  5. The sapphire and diamond earring studs worn by Shannon Rowbury.shannon rowbury's sapphire and diamond earrings

While we are definitely enjoying all of the different jewelry looks happening during the 2016 Olympics, we personally wouldn’t recommend wearing jewelry while working out or going to the gym. Sweat and chemicals like chlorine can damage jewelry so it’s best to keep them at home when taking part in physical activity. You also risk the chance of losing your jewelry, like swimmer Kathleen Baker did when she lost one of her pearl earrings during her Olympic race this year.

So why do Olympians even wear jewelry while competing? Well, some athletes believe that wearing their favorite jewelry pieces brings them luck. Others do so purely for style. While the rules for wearing jewelry vary depending on the sport, the majority of Olympic sports permit their competitors to wear whatever jewelry they want. After all, we all get to wear our favorite jewelry pieces to work so why shouldn’t they?