Wedding Band Trends – Summer 2020

Posted on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 in Fashion Trends, Wedding Bands.

yellow gold stackable leaf ring

Even though COVID-19 has impacted many of this year’s weddings, couples are still getting married. Some are postponing their original date by a couple months while others are limiting the number of guests attending. Whatever the case may be, these couples are proving that even though their wedding may look a bit different than what they originally planned, nothing can stop us from celebrating love.

And you can’t say “I do” without wedding bands.  As you can imagine, with summer being the most popular time of the year to get married, we’ve had an increasing number of couples come in recently to purchase their wedding bands. Here are some of the top wedding band trends we’ve noticed for summer 2020.

  • Yellow Gold. In 2019, we saw a larger percentage of couples select a yellow gold engagement ring. So it makes sense that we’re now receiving more requests for yellow gold wedding bands. After all, the majority of soon-to-be brides select the same type of metal for their wedding band as their engagement ring. And while not every groom-to-be selects the same metal as his partner’s, we’ve noticed that many do. Its classic appearance and easy maintenance are two factors contributing to the rise in yellow gold’s popularity.
yellow gold wedding bands

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

  • Unique Bands. Today’s couples want wedding bands with unique characteristics that aren’t typically found in their parents’ rings. For men’s wedding bands, this may involve adding a special texture, like a hammered or matte finish, or adding another unique detail like milgrain edges. For women’s wedding bands, we’ve seen more interest in rings with one-of-a-kind engravings, and wedding bands featuring roped, woven, or scalloped designs.
unique wedding rings

Hammered and Engraved Wedding Bands

  • Larger Diamond Band. This is a trend we’ve been noticing for the past couple of years. Many brides-to-be want a wedding band with large diamonds, often times larger than the accent diamonds found in their engagement rings. These larger diamond bands offer exceptional sparkle and look especially flattering when paired with a solitaire engagement ring.
large oval diamond band

Large Oval Diamond Band

  • Thin, Stackable Bands. When the soon-to-be bride doesn’t want a large diamond band, she often decides to go with a thin wedding band that can be stacked with other rings. We’ve seen some couples purchase multiple stacking bands at once (many brides like to wear a stacking band on both sides of the engagement ring) while others like to add new rings later on down the road to commemorate special occasions, like anniversaries or the birth of a child.
Stacking Bands

Stacking Bands