Jewelry Trends: It’s All about Color

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 in Fashion Trends.

We’re frequently asked, “What’s the latest jewelry trend?” when customers visit our store. And right now, our answer is color. Colored gemstones, yellow gold, and colorful jewelry pieces are all very much “in” right now.

Lately, we’ve seen a handful of people shy away from diamond jewelry and instead gravitate more towards colored gemstones. These gems are not only more affordable than diamonds; they also give us the opportunity to express ourselves. Oftentimes, individuals will select their favorite color when purchasing gemstone jewelry. Other times, they’ll choose to wear their own birthstone or the birthstone(s) of their loved ones.

rhodolite garnet studs

Rhodolite Garnet Studs

emerald and diamond pendant

Emerald Pendant

Perhaps looking for a warm color to add some brightness to the extremely cold, gray winter we’ve been having, many jewelry consumers are falling back in love with yellow gold right now. Thought to be elegant and timeless, yellow gold is the epitome of classic fine jewelry. It unquestionably exemplifies high end fashion and requires less maintenance compared to its white counterpart. It’s no wonder why we’ve been selling more yellow gold jewelry than ever recently and why many couples are choosing to incorporate the precious metal into their engagement rings and wedding bands.

yellow gold diamond necklace

Yellow Gold Necklace

Yellow Gold Earrings

Metal choice and gemstones aren’t the only ways to show off some color in your jewelry. Some designers work with enamel to create unique jewelry. These enameled jewelry pieces tend to stand out from the rest and often feature bold, colorful designs. Time after time, we see both men and women admire these pieces and comment on their beauty. One collection in particular, our Evocateur line, has been very popular in recent years.  This collection fuses innovative design with glamorous sophistication and features striking images that resonate with many individuals.

blue cuff bracelet

Turquoise Butterfly Cuff

yellow gold pink pendant with gold crown

Pink Crown Pendant

With gorgeous jewelry pieces like these, it’s no surprise that color is more popular than ever right now!

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