Jewelry Trends for 2022

Posted on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 in Fashion Trends.

yellow gold hoop earrings

What better time to freshen up your jewelry collection than the beginning of a new year. The fashion trends predicted for this year include some eye-catching statement pieces and unique spins on classic fine jewelry.

These are the top jewelry trends for 2022:

  • Artsy Pearl Jewelry. Pearls are definitely making a comeback. We’re seeing classic pearl strands being layered with other necklaces and unique pearl earrings adorning the ears of some of fashion’s biggest stars. In recent years, jewelry designers have been getting really creative with incorporating pearls into unique, jaw-dropping designs, and we’re noticing an increase in interest towards these pieces today. Shop our collection of pearl jewelry.

freshwater pearl dangle earrings

  • Link Chains. Worn as either a standalone piece or layered with other necklaces, link chains can we worn with either casual or sophisticated outfits. For those looking to make more of a statement with their accessories, consider going with a wide, bulky chain. And for those looking for more of an understated fashionable look, we recommend wearing thinner, more delicate link chains.  Shop our collection of link chains.

sterling silver link necklace

  • Gold Hoop Earrings. A 2021 trend that we’re seeing continue into the New Year, gold hoop earrings aren’t going anywhere. Whether large or small, textured or polished, everyone is able to find a gold hoop earring that complements their style. Shop our collection of gold hoop earrings.

large yellow gold hoop earrings

  • Floral Designs. Flowers and fine jewelry both symbolize beauty and love, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more floral designs incorporated in fine jewelry. These floral motifs are inspired by nature and add a unique, delicate touch to jewelry. Shop our collection of floral inspired jewelry.

yellow gold diamond leaf band

  • Larger Statement Earrings. This year, bigger is better when it comes to earrings. Look for long dangle earrings and/or earrings that feature larger gemstones. These eye-catching pieces are fun and will definitely make a statement. Shop our earring jewelry collection.

oval garnet and diamond halo studs

  • Colorful Gemstones. In 2022, fashionistas will be looking to add more color to their outfits. With so many beautiful gemstones available in a variety of different colors, it isn’t hard to find one or more gemstones that appeal to your taste and style. Shop our gemstone collection.

yellow gold opal and diamond ring

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