10 Facts about June’s Alternative Birthstone, Moonstone

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Moonstone is considered a good luck gem, especially for lovers. A gift of moonstone is said to arouse love and passion. Common locations where moonstone deposits can be found include Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Germany, Tanzania, Mexico, Australia, and the United States. The rarest forms come from Sri Lanka. Considered the gemstone’s most captivating… Read More

Why Are Diamonds Important?

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We all know diamonds are one of the most mesmerizing gemstones available, but what makes these gems truly exceptional? Their impact on the world is one that goes beyond adorning the fingers, ears, necklines and wrists of those fortunate enough to wear diamond jewelry.  More often than not, you hear all of the negative stories… Read More

Diamond Florescence: Good or Bad?

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Diamond florescence refers to the effect that ultraviolet light has on these gemstones. Much like when your teeth appear whiter when exposed to black light, diamonds can glow different colors (typically blue) when exposed to different types of ultraviolet light. Diamond florescence is a controversial topic among many jewelry and gemstone experts. Some believe that… Read More

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Diamonds Online

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Some people turn to the Internet when looking to purchase a diamond because they think they’re getting a better deal. But finding a cheap diamond online doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best value. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid purchasing diamonds from an online retailer. Not all diamonds are the same. You may… Read More

7 Star Sapphire Facts

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A rare variety of sapphire, star sapphires feature an unusual star-like optical phenomenon caused by tiny, needle like inclusions. The star-like pattern found within these gemstones is referred to as asterism, which comes from the Latin word for star. The most common star sapphires have 6 rays, while those with 12 rays represent some of… Read More

Anniversary Gemstones

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We know that when your anniversary comes around, you’re probably in desperate need of some gift ideas. Drop the traditional anniversary gifts in favor for the more modern gemstone version. After all, who wants paper when you could have pearl jewelry instead? 1st: Pearl 2nd: Garnet 3rd: Pearl 4th: Blue Topaz 5th: Sapphire 6th: Amethyst 7th:… Read More

10 Gemstones Rarer than Diamonds

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Alexandrite is known for its color-changing ability. When viewed outside during daylight hours, the gem typically has a bluish-green color. Whereas, in the nighttime, the color changes to purple. Alexandrite is formed when the rare element chromium combines with aluminum and beryllium under the exact right conditions. Most alexandrite comes from Sri Lanka, East Africa, and… Read More

The 5 Types of Garnets

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When you picture a garnet, you probably envision a dark red gemstone. However January’s birthstone can actually be found in a variety of different colors. Most garnets can be classified as one or a mixture of these five different types.  Almandine is the most common type of garnet and can be found in various shades… Read More

Twelve Facts about Turquoise

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Not only is turquoise the designated birthstone for the month of December (along with zircon and tanzanite), it is also the recognized celebratory gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary. Turquoise is one of the world’s oldest gemstones and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Old Europeans credited turquoise with helping achieve a… Read More

11 Facts about Topaz

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Topaz can be found in all colors of the rainbow. The most valuable color is red and is often referred to as imperial topaz. Less than 1% of all gem quality topazes exhibit this color. Topaz is one of the two designated birthstones for November. The amber colored version of topaz is the one most… Read More